Sunday, November 7, 2010


What is the truth regarding the intriguing cigar shaped object in the Delporte crater on the dark side of the Moon?

Until the Jaxa's Kaguya mission, the Apollo 15 and 17 images as they appear in the official NASA website were the only visual documents to stir up the imagination or backup the debates and speculations.

AS15 P 9625 DETAIL

The myth of a secret Apollo 20 mission appeared and the footage with this alleged space mission flyover of the cigar shaped object has made incredible YouTube audiences.

Nevertheless the official Jaxa HD images transmited by the Kaguya probe seem to prove that everything was just a big HOAX.

This is a section of the JAXA image TC_EVE_02_S18E117S21E120SC which can be ordered for free and which is quite concluding.

TC EVE 02 S18E117S21E120SC SEL1


  1. One little comment: How come both Apollo and Kaguya shot their images at the same time of the Moon day as one can judge from the relief shadows.

  2. Apollo 20 moon spacecraft Mona Lisa hoax debunked